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We welcome all of you on our website typingbaba.com, Our Vision in creating this website was to deliver High-Quality Performance, Speed and Versatile Functions, To achieve our ends our dedicated team is working day and night to give you a very efficient website which can save your enormous time and provide you with much more features in comparison to other Typing websites. What separates us from other websites is the zeal to create the website with creativity. One of the Great things about our website is we created this with utter simplicity and no Nonsense. We made this website in a very simple design and simpler navigation panel so, that you need not to get distracted by turmoil, unlike other typing websites.

Online Typing Test

If you believe you have become a pro in typing don’t brag yourself put your skills on the test. Test your typing skills on our website’s Typing Test page to be sure about it. We designed this Typing Test to be the most accurate, comprehensive review of your typing skills. We created this typing test with utmost caution so that you can get as much precision in reviewing your typing abilities. Most important features of Typing Tests are the various number of test result points for different standards.

Online Keyboard

Keyboard section in Navigation panel provides you with various keyboards in different Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarathi etc. Once you start typing on keyboard page you will be mesmerized by simple yet powerful functions given on them such as save, print, toggle etc. The toggle is another feature which enables you to type in English on any language keyboard..

Typing Tools

Typing section on navigation panel is one of our most advanced software in comparison to other typing websites. We provide you so much versatility in editing and manipulating your text you wouldn’t go on any other website to type Hindi, Punjabi and other languages from English keyboard layout. It’s core features include increasing/decreasing font size of your text(Font Formatting), triple emphasis, Text alignment, printing, saving in .doc format by downloading it in the browser..

Language Translator

Translator on our website is one of the most powerful and functional in contrast to other websites. The best feature of Translator is the ability to get translated as much text as you want with no restriction on text limit whatsoever. You won’t find this feature on any other website there is a restriction on their limit to translate text in any language. Our website in contrast to them provides very accurate, fast and unlimited translation capability. For time being we created two pages of translator only but in future, we are working on developing other language translator pages.

Font Converter

We have given two converter pages krutidev to Unicode and Unicode to krutidev. These are very useful pages for Hindi Typists, if you want to know the working of Remington keyboard layout and Inscript keyboard layout use them.

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If you want to give any suggestion regarding the development of this website, feel free to email us on Email: sanjay.mosfet@gmail.com

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