Punjabi Typing Test (Asees/Raavi Font)

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Pujabi Typing Test (Raavi Font)
357 WPM
Net Speed
  • User Name: Typing
  • Gross Speed: 26
  • Correct Entries: 07
  • Incorrect Entries: 96
  • Total Entries: 29
  • Error Rate: 05
  • Accuracy: 97
  • Total Time: 91

Online Punjabi Typing Test

This Online Punjabi Typing Test is an effort on our part to fulfill the requirements of those users who want an online typing tool where they can practise their skills of Punjabi Typing and evaluate their progress effectively with free of cost. This Typing Test has been made with significant accuracy and ample testing so that users get the best experience on this tool. There are two popular fonts in Punjabi Language, one is Raavi Font and another one is Asees Font. Asees Font has similarity with KrutiDev Font of Hindi Language in respect both were Popular fonts which were based on Remington Typewriter typeface. Asees font is Non-Unicode typeface font which uses a symbol to convert the Punjabi language. Whereas Raavi font is Inscript based font. Inscript was initiative of Government of India to standardise the all major Indian Language fonts layout such as Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc. so that any new user can easily learn to type across any Major Indian Language easily.

How To Take the Typing Test?

To take the test all you have to do is to enter your name and set the time limit and press start. After that, a new window will appear where different parameters to check your progress in real-time is given such as speed, Time-left and accuracy they are the standards on which your progress will be evaluated. Click on the text field and start typing. In this Punjabi Typing Test, both fonts Raavi and Asees are given so that users can practice in both ways. All you have to do is to choose among them before starting your test.

Finger Placement

Finger Placement On Asees Font Keyboard Layout

How to enhance your Typing Speed and Accuracy ?

For improving your speed and accuracy guidelines are given below.

  • The most important thing is Home Row position it is the position of fingers on the keyboard when you start typing and return to it frequently. This position for left and right hands are ASDF-JKL; respectively.
  • Try to maintain Upright Posture so that you can type with the alertness of mind.
  • Always use all fingers when you type.
  • Use only the thumb to press Space.
  • Do not look at the keyboard and type it is harmful to your progress.
  • For beginners, Accuracy is more important than speed.
  • A Good Keyboard can also improve your speed and accuracy drastically.

Working of Punjabi Typing Test

The Best index of evaluating the Punjabi Typing Test is NWPM ( Net Word Per Minute ) which is Word per Minute minus Your Error Rate. In this scheme of calculating the Typing speed and accuracy we rely upon the standard method of considering the five characters as one word so that problem of calculating small words such as "is", "am", "can", etc. can be rough out. Every incorrect word will be shown in red colour. There are other indexes are given such as Gross Word Per Minute which is your plain speed calculation without considering your error rate. This Typing test is primarily designed for those students who are preparing for government exams typing test so that's why we have provided an exhaustive list of most frequent words of Punjabi Language which will help you improve your typing speed and accuracy in very small time.