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English to Marathi Translator

Welcome friends on English To Marathi Translator. This Tool is designed for users to help make translation very smooth. Marathi is an Indian Language spoken largely by Maharashtra state of Indian Republic. Marathi is originated from the Sanskrit Language in approximately 13th Century. Marathi is one of the 22 Scheduled Languages of India. Marathi is 3rd largest spoken language in India after Hindi and Bengali. Whereas Hindi has 2 gender system in its language but Marathi has one more gender system called Neuter. Apart from Maharashtra Marathi is spoken in Nagar Haveli, Karnataka, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. This English To Marathi Translator is made to help English as well Marathi Speakers get Translation Process made easy with utmost focus on speed, versatility and smoothness of software. It is very easy to get a translation by just clicking on translation key on software. The Marathi Language Uses Modi Script.

Modi Script uses 46 letters of which 36 are consonants and 10 are vowels. One of the astonishing things about the Marathi Language is its ability to write it without lifting the pen with a smooth transition from one character to another. Modi script was in popular use until 20th century when the standard script for writing Marathi became balbodh Devnagari Script.

How To Use This English To Marathi Translator Adequately?

This English To Marathi Translator is designed for Marathi as well as English Users who find it difficult to translate from English To Marathi Language, To make their work smooth and fast we designed this translator which uses Google's "Translation" API which is an authority on Translation. Google's Developers are working day and night to improve this algorithm so that users like you can have more accurate and faster results from Translation. Google's API allows 2000 characters in one time to To translate English Phrase into the Marathi Language.

English To Marathi

Suppose you want to translate the phrase "My name is Shubham" in the Marathi Language click on the Translate key and Marathi Translation will appear as "माझे नाव शुभम आहे". The whole process will take at most a second and you will get you translation with unimagined smoothness and with any delay in time. This tool will help native as well as non-native Marathi speakers alike. Sometimes Translation will not be able to show as accurate translation as it should but that responsibility lies with Google's Translation API which makes it possible to translate an any text content.

Working of English To Marathi Translator

Working of English To Marathi Translator is very easy all you have to do is just type in the box where English has written above side. You can also copy and paste your content from anywhere on the system, after that, you have to press the translate key given below and your text content will be translated. There is also toggle button if you want to exchange you translator preferences by reversing the language by pressing it. This English to Marathi Translator put an upper limit on 2000 characters which are prescribed by Google. This Translator tool is based on Google's API "Translation".