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Hello, Friends Welcome to Marathi Typing Tool. This is a Marathi cum English to Marathi Converter and it makes it very convenient for users to type Marathi Language content even if they don't know the Marathi Keyboard Layout. Developed this Typing cum Editor tool like which you wouldn't encounter on any other Typing Website. This tool is capable of converting English Text Content into phonetically similar Marathi Text content all you have to do is type your text content in English automatically a drop-down menu will appear which will show all phonetically similar words from which you can select most appropriate term by first highlighting using arrow key and pressing space.

English to Marathi Converter

English is the dominant Language in today's fast pacing life most of the Indians don't know the regional language keyboard, as most users know only English QWERTY keyboard layout but in day to day life we sometimes need to type our documents in Marathi Language which becomes very time consuming if we are ignorant of Marathi Language Keyboard Layout. For that purpose, TypingBaba developed this tool which is fast, efficient and robust.

Phonetic English to Marathi Typing Cum Editor

This English to Marathi Typing Cum Editor Tool is developed by TypingBaba like which you will not encounter on any other typing website. The Key functions of this Typing cum Editor Tool includes unlimited conversion from English to Marathi with no limit on user's content conversion capacity, online printing facility directly from our tool other than that you can download it by clicking on save button and your text content will be downloaded into .doc file of which you can further edit by opening it into any text editor if you so desired. How this software convert from English to Marathi is by typing the phonetically similar Marathi word you will be shown a drop-down menu which will show most appropriate words which you can highlight using down arrow key and press space. This English to Marathi Typing Tool uses Google's API which is fast and efficient also being updated on a regular basis. One of the greatest power of this tool is using key functions without selecting any text directly click on keys and respective key functions will work properly which is a powerful way to use this editor.

How does Phonetic English to Marathi typing cum Editor tool Works?

First, click on the Typing window to bring the cursor to text field type the phonetically similar English word automatically a drop-down menu will emerge from which you can select appropriate word using arrow keys and space key. Let's suppose you want to type 'नमस्ते' all you have to type is 'namaste' and the list will appear from which you can select the most suitable word even slightly nonsimilar word. Type in that fashion after a time you will be able to type very fast this feature of drop-down menu you will find only TypingBaba.

About this tool-

This tool is typing cum formatting tool. You can write your Text content and format your text in any way as you wish. For that end, we have given different options. Formatting is possible even without selecting word, sentence, paragraph etc. This Text formatting tool is designed with utmost precision so that we can deliver your great user experience.

  • Triple Emphasis (Bold, Italics, Underline): These three options can be used to Emphasize your Marathi-content accordingly.
  • Text Alignment: You have three options of aligning your Marathi-content on left, right and center margins. Justify align is used to align Marathi-content on both margins.
  • Ordered list: These options are used to format your Marathi-content in bullet points or numerical order.
  • Font Formating: These option gives you freedom to change Marathi font size,styles and formatting.
  • Indent: This option is used to Give the Indentation to your paragraph or sentence. Where second option besides can be used to remove Indent.
  • Add Image: Using this option You can add Image to Marathi text file using appropriate settings.
  • Add or Remove link: Using this Tab you can add or Remove Hyperlink or url to your Marathi content.
  • Change Text Color: This option provides you facility to change Marathi text color.
  • Change Background Color: This option gives you option to change background color of your Marathi-content file.
  • Sub or Super Script: This Facility provides you option to subscript or superscript selected Marathi-content.
  • Strike through: Use this option to strike through the intended selected Marathi-word.
  • Remove Formatting: Using this option you can remove Marathi-content format completely.
  • Horizontal Rule : Don't Want to type on plane page use our option of horizontal rule to print horizontal lines across page.

Instructions to use Marathi typing tool -

➤ Click on the Marathi-Editor, type any word in the text field and press the space key or enter key, the word will automatically be converted into phonetically similar Marathi word.

➤ No need to type exact spelling of the desired word, Marathi typing tool supports ambiguous phonetic mapping, just type the English word which has the same pronunciation in Marathi.

➤ Choose the correct Marathi word from the suggested word menu.