Marathi Typing Test (Remington/Inscript)

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Marathi Typing Test (K055)
357 WPM
Net Speed
  • User Name: Typing_baba
  • Gross Speed: 126
  • Correct Entries: 507
  • Incorrect Entries: 996
  • Total Entries: 129
  • Accuracy: 997
  • Error Rate: 505
  • Total Time: 991

Online Marathi Typing Test

In the Marathi Language, there are two types of keyboard layout popular one is Remington and other is Inscript Layout. KrutiDev font has become popular from the times of typewriter when designing a keyboard layout which reduces tangling of keys. Now KrutiDev has the status of being the most popular keyboard layout, because of the popularity of it in Government Offices especially among clerks, typists etc but we on typingbaba provided both Mangal Font and KrutiDev font for all users so people will not have to go anywhere. Most important features of this typing test is an accurate and real-time assessment of the typing test result. Besides this people will have the freedom and flexibility to choose the time limit of the Marathi Typing Test and increasing and decreasing font according to their comfort. One of the outstanding achievement of this Typing test is the platform-independent nature of it which means you can visit this page in any operating system as well as in any browser it will always work the same.

Remington Keyboard

Remington Keyboard Used In Typing Test In Marathi Language

Inscrip Keyboard

Inscript Keyboard Used In Typing Test In Marathi Language

How this marathi typing test works ?

Marathi Typing Test has both types of keyboard layout KrutiDev and Mangal Font which is Unicode based font, so, users can choose any layout and take this test. This test has a typing result based on a standard formula to assess the test progress which conforms to any government exams assessment formula which is based on a character-based formula where 5 characters are considered as a word. The best index of your typing progress is NWPM (Net Word Per Minute) which is an accurate result of your typing progress after eliminating the errors you committed. Every incorrect word you typed will be counted as error and will be shown in red colour. Other than that in Typing test window there are two symbols given one is for making words Bold and other is for making words Italic.

Finger Placement

Finger Placement On Kruti-Dev-055 Layout

How to improve your typing speed and accuracy

First of all, you should have to make your typing habits correct such as the correct posture of the spine, the right position of your fingers on the keyboard other than that alertness and keenness of mind are necessary prerequisites for progress in typing. Your progress in Typing is directly proportional to your passion and dedication in practising typing. Typing needs consistency to improve your speed and accuracy but it will not happen until you practice it regularly. This Marathi Typing Test is created after research and testing so that users get the best experience of typing where their concentration remain without any distraction. This Marathi Typing test is completely free of cost you can use it as many times as you want. If you are preparing for government typing exams this typing test is very helpful for we have provided a list of only those words which are very frequent in the Marathi language so that users can attain high speed and accuracy in very little time. Beginners should focus on improving their accuracy first after that they can improve the speed of typing.