Learn Hindi Typing Mangal Font ( Inscript Layout )

Hindi Typing Tutor or Mangal font which is based on Inscript Keyboard layout is made by taking consideration of frequent requests of Users who want to learn to type with speed and accuracy. Inscript keyboard layout is created by the government of India who wants to standardise all major Indian Languages by making their keyboard layout similar across all languages hence it derives its name Inscript ( Indian Script ). In times of typewriter, the popular Indian font was KrutiDev which was created in taking concern the major problem with typewriters which was tangling of keys so its key positions were like that so that typists had to face less of this problem but as time passed by computer became more popular and typewriters became obsolete.

 Start Learning

These days Government of India is focusing more on Mangal Font most of the Typing exams of Government is being held in Mangal Font so, it becomes more of compulsion to learn this Inscript Layout. We on typingbaba made sure that we can accelerate the progress of new learners with more focus on accuracy and speed so, we designed this Inscript Typing Tutor by taking concern all learning methods which are important in any learning process. This typing Tutor starts with one lesson which will include a few letters starting from the home row by intensive practice and drills once you mastered those letters next lessons will appear. This way the next lesson will build upon previous lessons by daily practice and diligent effort you will be able to learn to type accurately but make sure you practice your lessons routinely.

Guidelines To Learn To Type For Beginners

  • First of all, try to understand the objectives of Learning. Your first and foremost purpose of Hindi Typing is to get away with the habit of looking at the keyboard completely for which we have given onscreen keyboard which will guide you throughout for entire lessons whenever you have to the type-specific key you will only look on the on-screen keyboard and it will show the current key you have to press.
  • Home Row Position is the position on which you will put your both hands fingers before you start to type. These keys are ि and  र   च  whenever you press other keys on the keyboard you will return to the home row position after that. Curve your fingers a little to accommodate the Home Row position. You can identify Home Row keys by looking at the raised bar on ि and key on these keys index finger of both hands will be put on.
  • Hindi Typing Tutor Mangal Inscript
  • Besides this any wrong key, you will press will be shown in  Red  colour and two hand images will guide you by showing the corresponding key in red colour. There is a particular colour code on the keyboard which helps you to make your fingers glide across correct keys.
  • Always press the key with that finger which are shown on the keyboard. Always Press Space Key with Thumb and Shift key with the baby finger. Always Use both Shift Keys to press.
  • Maintain erect posture by making your spine straight. Always use all fingers to type.
  • In Beginning Focus more on Accuracy and less on speed. Once you achieve accuracy > 90-95 later you can improve your speed.
  • Be Regular in your practice Try to learn daily. Even if you are capable of giving only 10 minutes daily.
  • Make sure that you have cut your nails off, Otherwise, fingers will not be able to press keys smoothly.
  • After a Certain time take a break it will help you let the learning sink in.