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Punjabi Font Converter

We welcome you at Punjabi font converter. Now converting Punjabi font becomes an easy nut to crack. We have provided list of all possible combinations of conversion like Gurmukhi, Asees, Satluj, unicode etc. You can convert from any one of them into another without having any inherent difficulty. TypingBaba drought another powerful tool in your repertoire to help you in your day-to-day typing related tasks. In your everyday life you might need to convert various popular Punjabi fonts for different purposes whatever your need is, we supplement the means to achieve your ends.

Noteworthy features of Punjabi font converter

We provide exhaustive lists of various fonts which can be easily converted by anyone just at the whim of the hand. This tool does not require any compatibility issues. All you need is that you can open this page on your browser and nothing else. There is not any prior need to download any font To make it function properly. We do not set any conditions of this nature. We provide unlimited text limit to convert in one transaction. This tool is platform independent which means you can run this tool on any device be it smartphones or desktops or tablets, all one need is to access this web page. In this online tool we have delivered convenient method to take input of your desired text such as by copy and paste then select your targeted output conversion font and press on convert key provided in this tool. All you need to do is just select input font for conversion and output font. This online punjabi converter is very easy, efficient and fast to use for daily use. This online tool can be used for any number of times in a day without upper limit on number of transactions. Punjabi font converter is absolutely free of cost to use and will remain so in future. You can share your converted text on any social media platforms.

You can convert these types of Punjabi fonts:
  • Asees to Unicode; Unicode to Asees
  • Anmol-Lipi to Unicode; Unicode to Anmol-Lipi
  • Dr-Chatrik to Unicode; Unicode to Dr-Chatrik
  • Gurmukhi-Lys to Unicode; Unicode to Gurmukhi-Lys
  • Gurbani to Unicode; Unicode to Gurbani
  • Joy to Unicode; Unicode to Joy
  • Satluj to Unicode; Unicode to Satluj

Short Introduction to Popular Punjabi Fonts

  • Gurmukhi:
    This literally means "word from guru's mouth". This is considered official script of Punjabi language.
  • Asees Font:
    It is a type of legacy fonts. Legacy fonts are created to make text appear attractive. They are the set of fonts created in the time of popularity of typewriters, but after the arrival of computers unicode based fonts are being emphasised more by different official agencies such as Government and other software developer s such as google and microsoft.
  • Raavi Font: This is example of open-type font for gurmukhi script of punjabi language. It is Unicode based font. Raavi font was created for windows operating system to support punjabi language. Unicode based fonts are directly processes original character unlike legacy fonts which convert text into appropriate fonts for presenting it on screen.
  • Gurbani Lipi Font
  • Anmol Lipi Font
  • Anmol Unicode Font
  • Awaze Font:
  • Joy Font:
  • Satluj Font:
  • Dr Chatrik Font: