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Hello, Welcome Everyone to Baba English Typing Tutor. We Created this English Typing Tutor with maximum care, Intensive and comprehensive Research so that learn to type in English could become as much easier as possible with the exceptional outcome from beginners to advanced learners of Typing Tutor. This English Typing Tutor is based on QWERTY English keyboard layout. Besides this, We made doubly sure to pinpoint accurate calculations on specific Mathematical Formulas so that you get consistent speed calculation on the standard frame. You can see these formulas and method of our speed calculation on English Typing Test page.

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How to Use this English Typing Tutor Productively ?

We are going to describe the primary approach behind the English Typing Tutor design so users can use this tutor with full effectiveness and productivity.

  • In this English Typing Tutor, We provided you three-pointers so, that beginner can dispense away with looking at the keyboard completely. These are explained below.
  • The first indicator is Hand image with Fingermark using which you can predict which keystroke to press next. Left and right-hand images are given at your respective side on the screen. It will help you press the next correct key without looking at the keyboard.
  • The Second Indicator is shown on keyboard keys by turning their key Green if you press this dark key your key impression would be taken as correct. But you press any other key which was not assigned to type then your key would become Red.
  • Additionally, the third pointer is bell sound which will be listened through speakers for any wrong entry. It will be alert sound which makes it quite noticeable so that you can avoid making mistakes.
  • All these pointers purport to make it quite easy to acquire good habits of typing especially not looking at the keyboard.

Other Important Pointers


The First indicator is time this will point your attention towards how much time you have spent till now on any particular lesson.


The Second Pointer will direct you towards the number of characters you have pressed till now.

Net Speed (WPM):

Third Pointer is Net speed in Word Per Minute is similar to Gross Speed-Error Rate. It is your actual speed with taken into consideration Error of Keystrokes you made or your actual typing Speed.


Errors hold accountable all your keystroke mistakes made during the entire one lesson of English Typing Tutor.


Accuracy Rate is the percentage ratio of correct words with total words.

Home Row Position

  • First and foremost beginner must learn to set his fingers on the Home Row Position.
  • Home Row is situated on the middle row of alphabets A S D F and  J  K L  ;  which derive its name to its constitution that is characteristic of home because after every word you type you have to frequently return to them.
  • These are base keys which can be identified by the help of raised bar on them.
  • Make sure to curve your fingers a little so that you can easily accommodate all keys with fingers.

See image below:
English Typing Tutor-Home Row Position

Keep an Even Posture

Typing is an Alert activity and need regular practice to keep up the learning.

  • Make sure to sit upright and try to maintain your spine erect.
  • Elbow must be kept on the right angle.
  • Don't hurt your arms, shoulders and wrists too much.

Keyboard Arrangement

  • You would notice at first glance that there is distinct colour coding on the keyboard which made it quite distinguishing to filter which keys are set to be pressed by an appropriate finger.
  • For example, Q A Z has the same colour on keys it means that they would be pressed by the same finger in this case little finger of the left hand.
  • Always press the designated key with particular finger shown on hand diagram don't use other fingers for that key.
  • Use all fingers to type on the entire keyboard.
  • Never forget to use both Shift keys to press. When you have to press left-hand side keys use the right-side Shift key and vice versa.
  • Use your thumb to press Space Key.

See image below:
English Typing Tutor-Keyboard Arrangement

Finger Scheme

  • Never look at the keyboard once you set your fingers on Home Row Position and frequently return to it.
  • Typing with the little finger and ring finger is significantly stressful because of the low development of their muscles.
  • Nails should be cut off before Typing.
  • Don't shift your body weight on the wrists.

Typing Guidance

  • In the Initial phase of Learning Accuracy should be given priority before focussing on speed. Once a Satisfactory speed is achieved with finger memory of keyboard speed should be given priority then.
  • To become a good typist takes time, patience and regularity on learner's part.
  • Make sure to maintain Even Stroke rate which helps to type uniformly across all keys with same speed throughout each typing session.

Take A Break from

Taking a break from Typing time to time enable you to become more concentrated and reduces strain on strengthening muscles of fingers. It helps you to become more productive in the long run.

Advice for Advanced Typists to Improve Further

To become a good typist takes good effort on part of the learner and it becomes especially difficult for a learner if he is without any guidance but doesn't worry if you follow our advice typing would be an easy nut to crack.

  • When you are a beginner in Typing do not focus much on Speed but Accuracy. Try to maintain at least 90WPM on all levels of English Typing Tutor it will help you to acquire great finger memory of Keyboard.
  • Never make habit of looking at the keyboard at all it will make your learning rapid.
  • Consistency is needed for sure success. Try to become as much regular as you can otherwise your progress will be quite slow.
  • After you achieve a particular speed in Word Per Minute after that you will reach plateau, it means after that point your speed will stay on the same number until you make conscious effort to improve your speed.
  • Conscious Effort needs more energy and enthusiasm on your part, you would have to become more alert and passionate in your learning effort.