Unicode to Krutidev

Krutidev to Unicode Converter

We brought to your unique ability to convert your content from Krutidev to Unicode converter. This simple yet very powerful tool gives you the power to type in Remington keyboard layout then your content will be converted in Unicode. What is new in this tool is the ability to change the font by clicking convert button embedded inbox and your Hindi content will be changed in Unicode font.

What is Krutidev ?

Krurtidev is Remington Devnagari typeface which is very common keyboard layout for the Hindi Language in northern states in the Indian Republic. What purpose Krutidev to Unicode converter assigns is the ability to change the fonts from Remington Hindi keyboard layout to conversion in Unicode based fonts. Suppose you type your content in Remington typeface and later you want to see which keys on QWERTY keyboard I used simply copy the content from Krutidev column and paste it anywhere, It will show the content in Roman script. Other than that you can also test your proficiency on a standard english keyboard. The unique function of conversion into Unicode standard system.

krutidev to unicode: Krutidev layout
Krutidev Layout

What is Unicode ?

Unicode is an International system of encoding standard used across all platforms such as Linux, Windows, ios etc and many more. In other words, Computers only understand numbers so for giving input to computers we had to pre-assigned the numbers for every alphabet, numbers and special characters, that pre-assigned standard value is standardised by different encoding system in history such as ASCII, UTF-8 etc. The problem with encoding system was it was not standardised one system used one standard another used other so need to devise platform independent encoding standard system was felt. So, Unicode Consortium came into existence. It was founded to develop and promote the Unicode system. What Unicode did was it assigned each characters unique numbers irrespective of any platform so, Unicode made keyboard encoding standard which is platform independent.

krutidev to unicode: Unicode (Inscript) layout
Inscript (Unicode) Layout

How to Use Tool Krutidev to Unicode Converter ?

Just type in Remington Devnagari Typeface your content then click on the convert button given below. What is Unique about our website tool is unlike other websites this tool gives you full authority to type as much content as you want the ability to convert in lightning speed.