Arabic Typing

Arabic Typing

Arabic Typing or English to Arabic converter is free typing software designed with research to enable Arabic speaking people who don't know Arabic keyboard layout to write the text from the help of English Roman Script. This typing software features various editing or text manipulation tools to enable you to edit your text online in the same software. One of the Unique features of this typing software which you will find nowhere else is a drop-down menu which makes it easy to write your text content precisely.

English To Arabic Converter

All you have to do is start typing in Phonetically Similar English Words and this software will show a drop-down menu in the Arabic language from which you can choose by using the arrow keys and then press space key after a while you will be able to type in Arabic very fast and accurately. This English To Arabic converter uses Google's API "Transliteration" which is considered the authority on Transliteration.

How Does English to Arabic Converter Works

Click on the Typing window to bring the cursor in Active Mode. Suppose You want to Type "السلام عليكم" all you have to do is type "alsalam ealaykum" using English QWERTY keyboard Layout then a Drop-Down menu will show you list of phonetically similar words written in the Arabic Language from there you can choose the one you wanted to type.

About This Tool

This Tool works as Typing Cum Editing tool. You can beside typing edit your text content on hand. Following are the keys which you can use for various Text Manipulating Tasks.