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French To English Translator

French To English Translator is Free online software which helps you by translating the French language into English. French is spoken by 29 countries around the world which makes it significant and important language. It might be possible that one day you want to translate the French language but it is not possible for everyone to afford to learn the language so we created this online tool by taking into consideration those users who frequently or non-frequently seeks a tool which is fast, accurate and trustworthy. This tool will be useful not only for those users who want to translate very long text content but also for those users who wants to translate a few phrases or sentences. This online tool will enable you to convert your French text into English with smooth and glitch-free software. This online tool uses Google's API "translation" which is the most authoritative and dependable source. Everyday new research in the field of Grammar, Semantics and syntax results are becoming very accurate and to the point. Our tool will be updated regularly so that we can assimilate new update in this tool and provide users with an exceptional experience.

French To English Language

Few Notable Features of This French To English Translator

This online tool has many features which makes it very much demanded, few of these features are outlined below:

  • This online software is free of cost so no users will be required to pay any amount of money for using it, all one needs a reliable and fast Internet connection to access Typingbaba.
  • In Google's Translator it becomes very difficult to translate the French language written in Roman Script, but this tool provides the online feature of transliteration but you have to keep in mind that it will work only when you type your text content not when you copy and paste it. When you type Your french language text in Roman Script this tool will automatically convert it into Latin script of french but you have to type only phonetically similar word in Roman.
  • This Tool provides an upper limit of 2000 characters whereas most other websites provide 500 characters limit of translation in one process.
  • Google also forces a daily quota of several attempts of translation process after that you will not be able to translate any more on this particular day.
  • This tool has two windows one is Input window where you will insert french text and other is output window where you will get the result in English.
  • Output window has 3 keys copy, save and print. Using copy key you will copy your result in the clipboard and later paste it anywhere on the computer. Save key will let you download your text in .doc format and the print command will let you print your result directly from our website through the printer.
  • One additional feature is of Toggle key which is key with opposite face arrow in the middle of both windows, it will replace the input box with output box means you will be able to translate English Text content into French text.

How one can use this translator effectively?

We created this tool in such a way that anyone even with very less experience of working with a computer can use it. All you have to do is insert your text content into Input window and press translate key and your translated text will appear in the output window.

History of French Language

French is considered the language of love because, amongst all languages, french has the reputation of having the highest number of phrases assigned to love. French is one of the Romance languages which has its origin in vulgar Latin which used to be the language of the roman empire. From the French revolution in 1989 to Eiffel tower France has contributed significantly even in philosophical literature most famous among them are Enlightenment thinkers Voltaire, Rousseau etc. Who contributed to the democratic way of governance in significantly From the oldest democracy of world USA to Great Britain to the world's largest democracy India. French is one of the languages used in official works in United Nation among six languages. French belongs to the Indo-European family of languages.

Frequently Used Phrases

In French In English
Bonjour! Good morning and hello
Bienvenue Welcome
Madame/Monsieur/Mademoiselle Mrs./Mr./Miss
Pardon, excusez-moi Pardon, excuse me
Parlez-vous anglais? Do you speak English?
Je ne parle pas français. I do not speak French
À tout à l’heure! See you later!
Merci/Merci beaucoup Thank You
Au revoir! Goodbye
De rien You're Welcome
Je ne comprends pas I do not understand
Répétez, s’il vous plait Repeat, Please
Parlez lentement, s’il vous plaît Speak Slowly, please