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  Urdu to English

English To Urdu Translator

English To Urdu Translator is an attempt to create a translator which is both Robust, Fast and Authentic. This Translator works with the Most reputed Google Translation API. English To Urdu Translator will help all types of users with diverse translation needs. Urdu is the language of a vast diaspora in South Asia, spoken mainly in India and Pakistan. In India, Urdu became the language of Aristocracy during the Mughal reign. Now it is the language of more than 4 percent of the population. Urdu is written in Nastaliq Script from right to left which is heavily influenced by Persian-Arabic Script. Urdu is influenced by Hindi, Turkish, Arabic and Punjabi. In Pakistan Urdu is the language of more than 10 per cent of the population and the official language of Pakistan also. Urdu was the official language of the East India Company during their rule and it was promoted to official status by British rulers. There was a constant demand by our Users to create English To Urdu Translators. It will be useful, especially for those users whose mother tongue is Urdu and who wants to translate English content into Urdu language for various purpose whether it be scholarly or casual chat etc.

English To Urdu Language

Working English To Urdu Translator

This Translator can translate up to 2,000 characters in one attempt. If you have more characters try many times. This translator is up-to-date, accurate and fast, it is all that matters. This English To Urdu Translator is free of cost and very easy to use with simple one click away translations.

Why This Translator!

English after British Encroachment is most popular and official languages of many countries. It provides very crucial status to English Language especially in the area of literature and natural sciences. English boasts of very great academic achievements in many domains. It was very essential to create English To Urdu Translator which will be helpful to urdu users who don't understand English Language. English had its origins in western world, It was part of historic Indo-European Linguistic group. People of Indian Sub Continent is not much familiar to this foreign language.

Commonly Used Phrases

In English In Urdu
where is ram رام کہاں ہے؟
what is your hobby آپ کا مشغلہ کیا ہے
I love Apples مجھے سیب پسند ہیں۔
Where is my mother میری ماں کہاں ہے؟
I love India میں انڈیا سے محبت کرتا ہوں۔
I am sorry میں معافی چاہتا ہوں
i am eating bananas میں کیلے کھا رہا ہوں۔
My leg is hurting میری ٹانگ درد کر رہی ہے
I live in New Delhi میں نئی دہلی میں رہتا ہوں۔
I am Playing Games میں گیم کھیل رہا ہوں۔
Where is my car میری گاڑی کہاں ہے؟
I am healthy میں صحتمند ہوں
My name is Rakesh میرا نام راکیش ہے۔
Ram Loves to Sing رام گانا پسند کرتا ہے۔
I am going to kolkata میں کولکتہ جا رہا ہوں۔
Shyam is a good boy شیام ایک اچھا لڑکا ہے۔