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History Of Telugu Language

Telugu belongs to the Dravidian family of languages. It is a well-recognized branch of Indian Languages family of south India. Majority of Telugu speakers lives in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Puducherry (Yaman) and Andaman and Nicobar islands. Telugu has primary official status with English and Hindi in India. Minority speakers of Telugu reside in Odisha, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand. Telugu has the status of one of the classical languages of India. Telugu has Fourth Highest Numer of speakers among all Indian Languages.

Who can use English To Telugu Translator ?

This Translator is created with the utmost care and great precision so that users won't be disappointed. In the modern world, we all are connected with the entire world through the medium of the Internet. So, It is very common for us to communicate with a person of different geographical locations for different purposes like expanding business, Academics and out of curiosity. Then it becomes very necessary that we have command over any two languages to effectively communicate in them. In today's fast world it is not always possible for everyone to learn a new language which is a very time-consuming task which requires hard work and dedication. Here on typingbaba, we commit reliability and excellence. We created this English To Telugu Translator tool for those users who occasionally need to translate words or at most sentences but we hope it will be equally useful for those users also who are frequent and heavy users of Translator. Those users can also use this translator and later can share the result on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter etc.

Is this Translation Free ?

Most users have doubts regarding whether they can use this English To Telugu Translators free of cost or there will be any cost involved in using this. We assure you that this Translator is free of cost and in future also will remain free of cost. But there are few things to consider here first of all Word Limit which is set at 2000 words of upper limit in one operation which means in one translation you can translate up to 2000 words. The second thing to consider is Daily limit which is a quota which is the upper limit of how many times you can translate.

How does English To Telugu Translator work ?

This translator work by sending your text to Google's API through our tool which will be reverted to you after translation. All you have to do is just type or copy your text from anywhere into the upper box and just click on Translate key and your content will be converted into Telugu with utmost accuracy and speed without any lag in software.

Can It be downloaded ?

For time being it can not be downloaded because it works through Google's server and algorithm which is online. But in future, there is always a possibility for this.

How to Translate from Telugu To English

Translating from Telugu to English is a very easy process using our tool. There are two boxes given in this tools upper box and lower box. In the upper box, you have to type your text content and just press the translate button and your translated content will appear in the lower box. Users can also copy the text from anywhere and paste it in the upper box and the remaining process is just the same and output will be similar. This tool is created after a good research and testing so that we can deliver as accurate translation result as it is possible that too with great speed. There is an additional feature of toggle key which can be pressed if the user wants to change the translation language for example if they want to translate from Telugu To English.

English To Telugu

Frequently Used Phrases
In English In Telugu
Welcome స్వాగత
Hello హలో
What's your name మీ పేరు ఏమిటి
Long time no see చాలా కాలం చూడలేదు
Where are you from ? నువ్వు ఎక్కడ నుంచి వచ్చావు?
Pleased to meet you మిమ్మల్ని కలవడం ఆనందంగా ఉంది
Good morning శుభోదయం
Good evening శుభ సాయంత్రం
Good night శుభ రాత్రి
Good afternoon శుభ మద్యాహ్నం
I understand నాకు అర్థమైనది
Do you speak English ? నాకు అర్థమైనది
Sorry నాకు అర్థమైనది
Thank you నాకు అర్థమైనది