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English to Russian Translator

This English To Russian Translator is an effort on our part to provide as accurate a translator as possible which can translate within a fraction of seconds that too without charging a cent. As we all know how important a role English plays on International Arena for various purposes from communication, cultural exchange, technology to name a few but most importantly became a tool to communicate with the native of any country. Every person can't catch up a foreign language for whether they don't have energy, resources or time, so, to simplify this process of communication These translators are the perfect answer to anyone who desires to achieve it. Solely for that purpose, Google came up with "Translation" API which is designed with in-depth knowledge, intricacies and long history of research in the field of linguistics and semantics of languages to make it possible as accurately as it could be done. This English To Russian Translator is based upon this API which is fast updating with new finding. This operation of translation is very easy to perform all you have to do is to type or copy your English Content in the window where English is written on the title bar after that just press Translate Key and your Translated text will appear in the lower window, it is as simple as that. This English To Russian translator will be helpful to all types of users from less frequent to heavy.

English To Russian Language

Fundamentals Of English To Russian Translator

Notable features of English To Russian Translator are its ability to Translate faster and accurately with the character limit of 2000 which is four times more than what other websites provide with such a performance. To Translate from one language into another is not a simple task but a complex one because of the inherent difficulty of natural difference in semantics, syntax, morphology which takes very broad knowledge of any two languages but with great advances in this field, this has become possible now.

Frequently Used Phrases

In English In Russian
Good morningДоброе утро
Good afternoon Добрый день
Good evening Добрый вечер
Hello Здравствуйте
Hi! Привет!
Nice to see you! Рад тебя видеть
How are you? Как поживаешь?
Fine, thanks! Спасибо, прекрасно!
Not so bad Неплохо!
What's your name? Как Вас зовут?
My name is... Меня зовут...

History Of Russian Language

There are a total of 33 characters in Russian alphabet which includes 10 vowels, 21 consonants and 2 signs. Russian is the native language to the modern country of Russia Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. The Russian language belongs to the group of Indo-European languages. Russian was the language of Soviet Russia until its dissolution. Russia is the most widely spoken language in Europe and even on the Internet after English it is the most used language. Russian is the seventh most spoken language in the world. Its speakers have a significant presence even in Cuba and Israel. The Russian language is written in Cyrillic script. Unlike English Russian Alphabets can be sounded as they are written whereas in English sometimes two words represent single sound for example 'sh'.

Russian Language Cyrillic Script Alphabet

Working of English To Russian Translator

To use this English To Russian Translator is very easy to use all you have to do is just type or copy and paste your text content in English title bar window and press Translate key and your translated text will appear in lower window. The upper limit of Translation characters in one operation is set at 2000 characters which is due to the restriction added by Google's API. It means in one performance of translation you can only translate 2000 characters although if you want to translate more you can do so by again inserting the text content.