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English to Punjabi Translator

The Punjabi Language has speaker situated on many continents. Majority of spearkers live in India, Pakistan and Canada. The Punjabi language has Gurmukhi, Shahmukhi. Shahmukhi is script Used in Pakistan. Shahmukhi has Influence of Persian language. This English To Punjabi Translator is designed for those speakers who don't know English or Punjabi but They ought to translate Text either from English or Punjabi. This English To Punjabi Translator is designed by Taking into consideration those Users who need to Frequently translator Text but couldn't find competent and versatile Translator which can Fulfill their needs.

English To Punjabi Translator is a translation tool which is created by typingbaba for translating the English Language into Punjabi effortlessly with at much precision and speed as possible. For that, we used the Google API "Translation" which is regarded as a standard research tool into the translation process of two languages involved. The translation is one of the most complex tasks which a human could achieve because of so many intricate complexities of semantics, grammar, script to accomplish that task one has to understand the nuances of two languages as a Forensic scientist. Punjabi is spoken mainly in two states of Punjab one situated in Pakistan and another one in India other than that Punjabi language is also spoken in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Canada. Punjabi is one of the 22 scheduled languages. Punjabi is mainly spoken by Sikhs which is an ethnic group deriving its identity from Sikhism religion.

History of Punjabi Language

The Punjabi Language is mainly spoken by Sikhs. Sikhs are followers of Sikhism religion. Sikhism is founded by Guru Nanak Dev which started in Punjab region of Pakistan today. It is the youngest religion in major religions. Punjab means PUNJ-AAB i.e. Land of five rivers. These five rivers are Ravi, Chenab, Sutlej, Beas, Jhelum. These are major tributaries of the Indus River System. The Punjabi Language is developed from Sanskrit through Prakrit Languages. Prakrit is a deteriorated form of Sanskrit. It is used of all regional languages developed from Sanskrit collectively. The Punjabi Language dialect which got recognition in Pakistan and India as the standard dialect is Majhi Dialect. Despite wide speakers of Punjabi, it got official status very later after Suba Movements which is a long drawn political agitation demanding separate Punjabi Suba(state) for Punjabi speakers.

What is Different on Punjabi To English Translator ?

There are many Website who provide you English to Punjabi Translator but their Capacity to Translate Text Material Either from One language to another is limited due to their Upper limit on the number of characters. But this Translator sets no such Character limit for Users so that they can Translate as many times as they want with speed and accuracy. English To Punjabi Translator Uses Google's Translation API which is both fast and Robust.

English To Punjabi

Who should Use English To Punjabi Translator ?

Users often complain That Translators do not translate with 100% accuracy and sometimes they don't Translate at all. Their complaint is not wrong because making Translators work is not an easy nut to crack always because no two languages have the same grammar and their composition is not the same always. We have created a solution of their problems by designing a fully functional and accurate English To Punjabi Translator which will help in translating simple english words to more complex sentence structures in Punjabi Language such as to translate common Greetings. On the Internet, we sometimes want to communicate with people from Different Geographical locations for that purpose English to Punjabi Translator could of great help. Because by using this translator you can at least make it possible to have a rudimentary conversation with people of different languages.

Working of English To Punjabi Translator

All you have to do is to type in left side box where English is imprinted on the title bar other than that you can copy and paste text anywhere from desktop and your text will be converted with fast speed and accuracy in Punjabi Language. If you want to convert Punjabi text into English click on the toggle button and proceed as directions given above.