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  Kannada to English

History Of Kannada Language

Kannada is a Dravidian Language which is notably spoken in Karnataka state of modern India. Besides this, it is also spoken by minority speakers in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, Goa. The Native Speakers of Kannada Language is around 44 Million, who are called Kannadigas. It has gained the status of one of the classical languages of India. Kannada is one of the scheduled languages of India out of 22 scheduled languages. In Historical times it has the status of being court language of many powerful Kingdoms such as Vijayanagara, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Hoysala etc. The Script of Kannada language is called Kannada Script which is evolved out of 5th-century Kadamba Script. It has a reputation of getting 8 Jnanapith awards highest among all south languages and second to Indian Languages. The Kannada Language is mainly influenced by Sanskrit besides this, it got influenced by Pali, Prakrit.

Who Can Use English To Kannada Translator?

It is frequently charged that Translators do not work properly and even if they work properly there is not accuracy in translation. There might be some truth in this complain but before explaining further we would like to narrate the little background working of this translator. No two languages in the world are the same although there might be similarities found in them they differ on so many levels such as syntax, linguistics, grammar etc. The creation of Translators is a very complex task which involves great knowledge of languages, ruthless research and investment of a huge amount of time. So, there is always a possibility of inaccuracy but these days translators have to be improved a lot by Google which shows results with quite accurate and at a lightning-fast speed. What purpose translators can serve in modern time? most people think that what purpose it will serve to me but in today's globalised world and laissez-faire economy of world we have to translate often from one language to another for various purposes like email services, official paperwork etc. There is another use of translators for example when we chat with a person who speaks English Language and we want to communicate with him then this translator will serve as a handy tool. for that view, we have designed this translator and we hope that it will serve you well.

English To Kannada

English Language

Today English is considered International Language because of its widespread use by various people in fields such as business, Internet, Academics, Literature etc. After Britain's long colonial rule English Language started to dominate the world. So it is very important to anyone who wants to progress with great vigour in life make an effort to learn English, but people are born with different learning abilities besides this life do not permit everyone to learn a new language for that reason alone we made an effort to create translators so that learning gap can be filled without making much effort.

What is different on This Website?

What we are offering which other websites are not offering. Although this translator is created using Google's API "Translation" but while another website has set an upper limit of 500 words in one translation we allow you to translate up to 2000 words in one go.

English To Kannada Translator

English To Kannada Translator is a free Translation tool designed and developed by typingbaba. It very easy to use all you have to do is just type in the upper box your English Content, press translate key and within a fraction of seconds, your translated text will appear in lower box where Kannada is written above. You can also copy the content from anywhere and paste it in the translation box. It is a very fast, accurate and robust translation tool which works very smooth without any glitches in the software. After pressing the translation key the translation will take max. 1-2 minutes and result will be as accurate as it can be. Besides this, you can press the toggle button which will change the position of boxes and Kannada To English Translation page will appear.