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English To French Translator

English To French Translator is a free online translation tool provided by Typingbaba. This tool is very helpful to Users who wish to translate few sentences for chatting purposes to those users also who needs to translate English into French regularly, We hope this translator will be valuable for both types of users whether frequent or infrequent ones. This online software in contrast to Google's Translator tool provides both stability and speed both intertwined in one. Translation Tool even works as a dictionary for writing purposes. English To French online Translation tool is based upon Google's "Translation" API which is considered an authority in developing translators of all major or minor languages of the world. We ensure you of this tool's highest possible accuracy, speed and error-free experience. Sometimes you may find that results are not as accurate as they should be don't be disappointed because it is not fully possible to design translator with hundred per cent accuracy but as day by day research is ongoing in this field thus new revelations are coming up, we will update it consistently. There are inherent difficulties in making a translator because the distinction of grammatical makeup, syntax constitution and morphological aspect of these languages are far apart. There always remains a wide gulf between the translation mechanism of these languages.

English To French Language

Noteworthy Characteristics Of this Online Tool

  • This online translation tool is free software provided by typingbaba so that users who are interested in Translation services can use this tool with full confidence because this tool is based on Google.
  • If you ever have used the Google's Translator you will notice that chief problem in them is lack of transliteration feature. Transliteration is the way of converting phonetically similar words into another language but with the changed script. Suppose you want to type "Garçon" in the French language you have to only type garcon without the special symbol between 'r' and 'o' and word will be converted in Latin script. This feature is very useful especially when you don't know the Latin Script.
  • On most websites there is a restriction of 500 characters after exceeding that limit you can not translate in one operation, but typingbaba let you translate 2000 characters in one action.
  • There is an additional restriction of daily limit quota which is imposed by Google itself, it means how many times you can use this translation tool.
  • Two windows are provided in this online software upper one is Input Window and another one is Output window where your results after translation will be shown.
  • On output window you will find 3 keys copy, save and print. If you press copy button your result will be copied to clipboard of the computer from where you can paste it anywhere. Save key will let you download this result in .doc format so that you can open it in any word editor and further edit it if wish so. The print button is provided because in case you want to print your translation result directly from this tool.
  • There is the additional key of toggle which is given between the windows with the symbol of the two-sided arrow if you press its input and output windows will replace each other so, now you can translate from French to English.

How to Use this software?

You can use it without any bit of effort on your part, just copy and paste or type your text in the input window and press translate key and your translated text content will appear in the output window.

Few Frequent Phrases

In English In French
Hello bonjour
nice to meet you Ravi de vous rencontrer
excellent work excellent travail
nice bag joli sac
go east allez à l'est
I love fish J'adore le poisson
Exercise is good for health l'exercice est bon pour la santé
shut up tais-toi
mind your own business Occupe-toi de tes oignons