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English To Arabic Translator

This online tool is created for users who required a powerful, cost-effective and accurate software which is reliable and safe. We hope this tool will be helpful to not only for frequent users who use translation services for big projects but also for those users who translate one or two words or sentences, this software will be helpful for all types of users. In today's modern world we need to use another language other than our mother tongue but doing so demands In-depth knowledge of another language which is not possible for everyone to acquire, Whether the situation requires us to talk to a member of different geographical location or our work demands to do so or some other business-related compulsion; if we want to progress in life we can get into these type of situations solely for taking into consideration these difficulties we designed this translator. This online translation tool will allow you to take these services without any additional difficulty. To develop English To Arabic Translator is very time consuming and effortful process which demands upside down knowledge of two languages so that a powerful and effective algorithm which could be updated on a constant basis at a later time was written. As you know the difficulty in this particular translator is high because Arabic and English are world apart language whether in cultural history, linguistic history or common encounter in the historical reshaping of linguistics of both languages, so translation results are prone to error but with time these errors will be less frequent and less significant.

English To Arabic Language

Distinguishing features of this Online Translation Tool?

  • First of all, This Translation Tool is free of cost provided by typingbaba. It means you will never be asked for any money for using this tool.
  • This Online Translation software is based on Google's Translation API which is free of cost provided by which is considered an authority on translation services, it means you need not be bothered about its reliability and accuracy.
  • This tool provides an additional feature of transliteration which is helpful if you want to type in Arabic script it will automatically convert it into Roman Script.
  • The Upper limit on the number of characters you can translate in one attempt is set at 2000 characters which are high in comparison to other websites where this limit is set at 500 characters.
  • There is added restriction of the number of times you can translate in one day which is set by Google itself.

Basic Design Explained

There are two windows given one is the input window and other the output window. Input window is one where English is written on the title bar and the lower window is output window. You have to insert your text content into the input window in English language and after that press translate key, your translation will appear in the output window with translated content. If you want to utilize the transliteration feature you have to make sure that you are inserting the text by typing not via copy and paste method. There are additional features given by providing three keys in the title bar of the output window, these are copy, save and print key. If you click on copy button your translated content will be copied which you can later paste anywhere on the computer. Save key will let you download your translation result in .doc which facilitates further editing in any text editor. The print key will, as usual, allow you to print your text directly from this online translation tool.

Commonly Used Phrases

In English In Arabic
How are you? كيف حالك
I'm good أنا بخير
How's Weather كيف الجو
It is raining انها تمطر
It is fine sunny day إنه يوم مشمس جميل
Where are you living اين تعيش
I live in Dubai اعيش في دبي