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  English to Arabic

Arabic To English Translator

We offer you this online tool for translating Arabic into the English Language, it is fast, accurate and stable software designed primarily for frequent users who want reliable and trustworthy experience with glitch-free services. This online tool supports transliteration feature which is very helpful if you don't know how to write Arabic script, it will convert your typed text content into Arabic script which helps significantly in translation. This online software is based upon Google which is considered an authority in translation services. This Translation tool can be used as a dictionary for finding the meaning of words and phrases. This online software is designed by taking into attention the demands of those frequent users who use this tool for several purposes such as translating the textbook, conversation with people of different geographical locations. They need a software which is reliable, stable and fast, we combined all these qualities into one software which can be trusted for all types of work. Arabic To English translation is useful even if this tool is not capable of always delivering accurate translation because these two languages hold no similarity between semantics, morphological structure, grammatical pattern or cultural background whatsoever still we hope this tool will present satisfactory results.

Arabic To English Language

Is this Translator is free?

Yes, absolutely. This Translator is free to use as many times as Google allows because only google hold restriction on its number of translation attempts.

Can Arabic be typed using Roman Script?

This translation tool has built-in transliteration feature which means you can type Arabic Text in Roman English Script and this tool will automatically convert it into Arabic script which will make this operation of translation very easy to use. This feature is in addition to google's translation tool.

Is there any upper limit on the number of characters in one operation?

Whereas most other websites put the upper limit on 500 characters, typingbaba put 2000 characters upper limit which means you can translation four times more text in one go.

Scheme of Translator design

This translation tool is designed in such a way that users with very little knowledge of computers will be able to use it. When page loads you will encounter two windows upper one is Input Window and lower one is output window. Input window will take response in text which will be delivered to Google's API which will in reply send the appropriate translation of that text, Which will appear in output box. In output window there are three keys copy, save and print. If you click on copy entire text of output window will be copied in clipboard of desktop which you can later paste anywhere. Save key will let you download the text content in .doc later you can edit and manipulate text in any text editor. Print button will allow you to print entire text directly through this online software. There is daily quota of how many times you can translate using this tool which is already set by Google. This translator is based Upon Google's Translation API which is fast, robust and trustworthy. There is additional key which is very useful when you want to switch the input and output window. It is located between two window.

History of Arabic Language

Who is Arab, this question is very difficult to answer but we will try to do justice to it. Arab are people of Semitic origin who resides in middle east and Northern Africa. There are 22 countries where Arabic is lingua franca. This term is coined for people who resides or originated nearby Arabic peninsula. Arabic language is approximately 2000 years old only Hebrew in middle east surpass it. Out of all Arabic countries Egypt is oldest among them. It originated from Al-Hirah a language originated in Mesopotamia. Quran is holy book of Muslims which is written in classical Arabic. Arabic during middle ages influenced many European languages because it was language which was used for mathematics, science and philosophy.

How to Use this Translator?

To use this translator you just have to type or copy and paste text content in window with Arabic written on its title bar and press translate within few seconds result will appear in output window.

Frequently Used Phrases
In Arabic In English
شكرا thank you
كم ثمن هذا؟ how much is this?
ماء من فضلك water, please
هل تتكلم الإنجليزية؟ Do you speak English?
اريد هذا I want this
لدي تحفظ I have a reservation