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What is Krutidev ?

KrutiDev is Hindi Remington typewriter typeface which in the Northern States used by Typists, Clerks, Steno Writers till today. Because Typewriter typeface had Familiarity with typists KrutiDev font which is very similar to the typeface of the typewriter was devised.

How to Use it ?

To use Online Hindi Typing Test (KrutiDev) you have to click on the button on which written "Start Test" in Red colour after that Hindi Typing test will start automatically. When typing test starts start typing with your keyboard appropriate characters coloured in blue, If appropriate key depression is right character will appear on black colour otherwise syllable will show red tint. On Hindi Typing Test page timer is set to 2 minutes already after your time will be up KrutiDev Test page will show the result of your typing test.

The result of Typing Test-

The result of Hindi Typing Test will appear below during and after your test, Meaning of Terms of your Hindi Typing Test Result is explained beneath.

Meaning of sign is Number of key-depression including space. In other words, for example, you press 100 keys to for characters appearing on screen for a typing test, the sign will include those keydepression numbers plus counting spaces you gave.

Word per Mins is the number of words you type within a time period of 60 seconds. Standard of counting words is preset with the typing test program. In rough sketch we can draw that word per mins is the number of words typed within one-minute average.

Errors indicate the number of Characters or keystrokes mistyped by the typist in Hindi Typing Test (KrutiDev). Suppose you make mistake in 10 words it will show a total number of characters or Total keystrokes in Error.

Error Rate:
Error rate is Percentage of Error in proportion with total keystrokes or characters.

Choice of Words in Hindi Typing Test (KrutiDev)

Words of Hindi in Hindi Typing Test are Chosen with Utmost caution to Provide words with the highest frequency of Error chance and Most Frequent words to appear in any Typing Test Whether of Government Exams or of any other Typing Related job. Every effort is being made to make this Typing Test accurate, fast, reliable to Improve overall efficiency of any Typist. This Typing Test will Immensely help those who want to Type in KrutiDev Typeface which is very similar to the Typewriter Typeface Remington.