Hindi Typing Keyboard

What initially inspired us to create this website, is the difficulty faced by novice typists to write hindi content. when they don't know the Hindi keyboard layout. Our team's vision by creating this website is to help those people who don't know hindi typing keyboard layout by making a website which is fast, efficient and robust. How can we help those poor souls who sometimes find it urgent to write some content in hindi. We provide you onscreen keyboard with hindi typing keyboard layout with help of which you can write as much hindi content as you wish in reach of single click. This website is not only helpful to those users whose need to write hindi content is meager and infrequent but also to those who want to write long material in hindi without the intention or time to remember hindi typing keyboard layout.

Types of keyboard layout in hindi language:-

  1. Remington Hindi Keyboard
  2. Inscript Hindi Keyboard

1. Remington Hindi Keyboard ( Hindi Typewriter Keyboard Layout)

Remington hindi keyboard layout is the most popular and most frequently used layout for typing Devanagari script. Remington hindi keyboard is considered standard Hindi typing keyboard layout. Remington was the company who made this name popular. Remington was credited for highest production of this Hindi keyboard. Thus name stuck as Remington keyboard. In the time period of typing machine Remington layout was highly popular among typists. Remington Keyboard layout for hindi is still used in Indian and state government exams like Informatics assistant, court clerk, PA (personal assistant). These two hindi fonts Devlys and Kruti Dev are widely used in Hindi Typing Exams. Unlike 26 english alphabets, Hindi alphabets and all other hindi symbols are not possible to have separate buttons on keyboard otherwise it will consume mammoth space and capital for keyboard production. So, To get around this problem Hindi Keyboard layout have arrangement of alt+ (number codes) for special symbols.

Hindi Typing Keyboard: Inscript

Hindi Typing Keyboard: Remington

2. Inscript (Indian Script) Hindi Keyboard

InScript (abbreviation of Indian script) is the standard keyboard layout for Indian language scripts using a standard 104 or 105 key layout. This keyboard layout is standardized by Government of india for most regional indian languages and has been revised for many times. Inscript keyboard layout is most frequently used by mainly Hindi Journalists who write Hindi content on internet in form of blogs or articles on Internet. But despite so much attempt by government of india to make it standard among regional language typists, it still isn't even popular with government employees. Most work in government still executed using Remington keyboard layout. This keyboard uses mangal Hindi font. It is very difficult to break the habits of learned typists. This keyboard layout is still used in many government exams like SSC & Data Entry Hindi Typing Test.

Hindi Typing Keyboard: Inscript

Hindi Typing Keyboard: Inscript

Why you should learn typing

Suppose you never made an effort to learn Typing but in today's time where computers dominate the world you frequently need to insert characters through the keyboard but without knowing how to type fast and accurate you would be prone to time wasting. If you make a decision today to learn to type in your entire lifetime you will be able to save a considerable amount of time owing to your fast typing. All Typing takes a burning passion for learning but fruits you ripe will be sweeter. There are few things a beginner should know so that their effort doesn't go in waste. First of all, make a commitment to yourself that you want to learn to type. Typing needs consistency to learn, you have to be regular on your journey. Practice as much as you can with full concentration and energy.

Hindi Speed Typing

When you are a beginner there are few things you need to always remember while Typing. In the initial phase, the habit of looking at the keyboard is always detrimental to your typing progress, It will affect your ability to type accurately in the long run. Purpose of Typing Practice is at the physical level is to strengthen your finger muscles which takes considerable time to happen. There is a Phenomenon attached to Typing skill which is called by Psychologists Plateau. What is a plateau, plateau means halt of progress in any skill even with regular practice, To understand it you first need to understand that why does it happen in typing although this phenomenon is observable even in driving, swimming etc. to some extent.

When we achieve a particular speed of typing around 40 WPM there would be a sudden denial of progression in your typing speed. This happens because when any skill becomes second nature your alertness towards that skill decreases gradually but you can break around that loop by making a conscious effort in your typing journey. All you have to do is focus in depth to decrease your blunders and wrongful habits of typing like looking at the keyboard or incorrect posture and a passion for typing.

Tips For Increasing Typing Speed

Typing requires focus, consistency and energy but the increasing speed in typing is not an easy nut to crack. Most of the government exams set a minimum speed in typing exam like 30WPM or 50WPM in English Typing Test and 35 WPM in Hindi Typing Test for that purpose We created India's first accurate Hindi Typing Tutor created after intense research with ample Levels to ensure that your learning curve becomes steep. The practice is the key to success in learning to type fast and accurately without the habit of looking at the keyboard. Although We incorporated our own Learning Experience in Typing to ensure that your learning becomes as smooth as it could be.

History of Hindi Keyboard

First Typewriter is designed by IBM but it's keystrokes frequently tangled with each other during typing so they come up with a unique solution that was redesigning the keyboard key arrangement on the keyboard so that tangling of keys could become less frequent. That is how the QWERTY keyboard layout of English is born and with time it becomes very common. Similarly in India Typewriter is designed by taking consideration of most frequent keys which compose words and avoiding the problem of tangling of keys that is how Remington Keyboard Layout which is also called KrutiDev font was born but with time computers replace typewriters but the key arrangement on the keyboard remained same. In later times government came up with the idea of same keyboard layout across all Indian languages so they designed keyboard layout with scientific methods that are how they designed the Inscript Keyboard Layout which is also called Mangal Font. Most of the government Exams holds typing exams mostly in KrutiDev font. Learning to Type in Hindi is slightly time-consuming and takes great effort on part of Beginners because Hindi has way more letters in comparison to English so you need to practice a little more.